Ashtanga Yoga Studio
Am Pferdemarkt 49 in 18273 Güstrow / Germany
Phone: 0152 5763 4245

HOW TO prepare for your first YOGA class

  • You do not eat anything heavy 2 hours before the beginning of your class
  • come at least 10 minutes before the start of the lesson to make you feel well and familiar with the environment
  • Wear comfortable clothes that will make you feel good and move smoothly
  • Bring something to drink, still water is ideal
  • In the case of physical complaints, ask your doctor or therapist beforehand whether practicing yoga is suitable for you or not
  • Please inform us before class whether you have physical limitations

We wish you a lot of fun with yoga and will be happy to answer your questions.



“There is always fear in everything. But we have to face the fear, fight it with the fear, and finish it forever.” Baba Hari Dass